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Which product is right for you?

Index: Individual

Identifies assets and areas of growth across six selected leadership capacities and is ideal for personal development or use with groups for advising, coaching, supervision, or instruction. By comparing scores with national and career–specific benchmarks – and breaking down this information into intuitive, specific, and actionable insights – this product provides a strategic roadmap to elevate your potential and deepen your impact.

The Power of 360

Purchased as an add-on to an Index: Individual or Index: Teams, the 360 provides for several reviewers to provide an assessment about the individual being evaluated. The 360 evaluations for each participant will contribute to summary scores in the final report grouped by reviewer type and overall feedback. Feedback from evaluators provides insight on unrecognized assets and actionable growth opportunities for the individual being evaluated.



Offers the power of the Index: Individual Report along with a supplemental report comparing collective team scores with national benchmarks. The report also provides talent maps to identify core assets and growth opportunities within your team. This product is ideal for organizational and team development, project planning, and personnel performance strategies.


Program Impact

Whether you are attempting to validate the impact of your program or gain insights on how to increase its potency, this product provides a comprehensive solution. The Program Impact Report provides detailed insights into participant learning gains as well as the relative impact of your program in comparison with similar programs nationally.

Using the Index is simple.

Index solutions are designed to maximize impact while providing practical and easy-to-understand tools for individual or group use.

This is supported by a management platform – The Index Manager – that makes purchasing, customizing, distributing, tracking, and reporting on results effortless. Using the Index is simple:


keys to access the product


the leadership capacities you want to measure


the Index Manager to complete surveys, distribute keys, and monitor responses


your growth with customized leadership development reports